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Pop-in Night Time Nappy Booster (Single)

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Our unique night time booster will help keep your little one comfortable and dry during those dream filled nights. They are made of soft naturally antibacterial bamboo and fast wicking polar fleece to provide just the right combination of absorbency and dryness for you baby. We have perfected just the right amount of protection without too much bulkiness. Specially designed to fit the Pop-in they wrap neatly around the booster and will help ensure that your nappy lasts as long as your little one sleeps, once they start sleeping through.

We love colour co-ordinating our Pop-in boosters with their outer shells, but please be aware that many factors can affect the colours of the inserts once in use, including detergents and of course the content of the nappies, variable as they are. We therefore cannot guarantee that the colours will retain their integrity and in some circumstances may become stained or lose their colour. Please be assured that this does not affect the functionality of the product in any way so we cannot indemnify against this and it is not covered by the warranty. Please wash dark colours separately.

* 7 times more absorbent than cotton and naturally antibacterial

* Dual-sided, skin kind bamboo or stay dry fleece

* Designed specifically for the Pop-in but works with other reusable nappies

* Keeps baby dry the whole night through

* Shaped to follow the contours of the nappy

100% Bamboo Viscose with Fleece Layer 100% Polyester


Single booster unpackaged.

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