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If you are thinking about making a visit, but are unsure of what you might find - here are some testimonials from customers that have visited the shop.
Super helpful before our little boy was born, giving lots of advice. Rather than letting us spend on the reusable nappies, suggested her one-month trial pack, so that we were able to make the best choice about the nappies we invested in. Have recommended to many others.

Charlotte was very helpful and informative spending time teaching my wife and I everything we’ll need to know about reusable nappies, bedding and other natural baby accessories. I’d highly recommend a visit.

this shop is amazing. I go to browse and always end up spending money...
so knowledgeable and helpful too.

I visited the store today in the hope of purchasing some reusable nappies without much knowledge of the options. I was helped tremendously and given tips for pre-washing and washing routines which was super appreciated! I would highly recommend visiting the store if you’re considering reusable nappies as the 1:1 help was brilliant! And even better, the store sells some lovely clothing and accessories too.

What a beautiful shop! Charlotte is so knowledgeable about not only reusable nappies, but anything baby/toddler related. Welcoming, friendly, and I picked up a beautiful wet bag which instantly went in to use. Thank you!

Lovely little shop and Charlotte is also very knowledgeable and generous with her time about reusable nappies and wipes. Well worth a visit.
Wide selection of reusable nappies, wipes and eco baby products. Chaz is extremely knowledgable and will help you get started if you’re thinking of using cloth nappies. I use them “part time” at the mo so it’s not like you have to completely switch. You can still make a difference and it saves buying lots of nappies. The shop also has lots of nice clothes and baby bits which make good presents!

Very friendly staff, an absolute forest of nappies, homemade clothes and nice decor. I intend to go back to get gifts whenever my friends have kids, which is a lot of the time now I'm in my thirties.

A real treasure trove of beautiful eco things for mother/father and baby including a great range of clothes and cloth nappies and advice from the lovely owner.

Make a beeline for this shop in the new year Highly recommended!

brilliant shop with so many lovely nappies clothes and all the help you need to cloth nappy your baby and toddler. thanks Chaz x

Fabulous range of nappies, beautiful clothes and more, also lots of info and advice from Chaz x

What an amazing shop! Chaz is so welcoming and helpful. Your shop has such a lovely relaxing atmosphere. I love my necklace and bracelets! See you soon and thank you. 

Such a lovely shop and Charlotte is so helpful! would recommend a visit to anyone!

Brilliant shop! Ideal for anybody considering re-usable nappies, even if you don't know anything about them yet! Chaz was so welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful. Will certainly be back!

Chas has some great expertise with reusable nappies and gives great advice

Beautiful shop and environment - a brilliant and welcoming resource for parents of little ones and walls filled with lovely art. Gorgeous!

So nice to see real life cloth nappies in a shop that you can actually look at! Very good selection and a very nice owner who knows her nappies. it's lovely to meet a shop owner so approachable and enthusiastic. will see you again soon!

Was told about the shop by a friend. A great find! Highly recommend a visit if you are a cloth bum mum or are thinking of going down that route.

Lovely little Shop, great quality and service. Thank you.

This shop is a hidden gem in Dorchester and worth a visit.  Very friendly and offer a great wealth of advice if you are looking into cloth nappies or baby gifts

Our first visit today and we loved it. Charlotte is so knowledgeable and inspiring.

Beautiful shop and fabulous advice and service

Wonderful little shop, welcoming and filled with beautiful nappies, clothes and other baby goodies. Charlotte is passionate and knowledgeable about her stock - and very accommodating with my small children.

Fantastic little shop and Charlotte is so helpfu!!. I wanted to try cloth nappies for the first time and she explained all the different options and suggested a few to get me started on our cloth nappy adventure which would best fit our needs. I love them and will definitely be getting more! The shop sells beautiful clothing for little ones too which I'm looking forward to getting when mine stops growing out of everything quite so quickly!

Loving by Nature is probably about to become my new favourite shop! The owner was exceptionally helpful and so lovely. Amazing shop, highly recommend!

Absolutely fantastic! Wonderful advice and service starting us on our cloth nappy adventure. Can not recommend this shop enough.

Definitely highly recommend Loving by Nature. A lovely shop with lovely things to buy! It was great to be able to have a look at different nappies as it can be really confusing trying to figure it all out online. The owner was so friendly and helpful and gave genuine advice rather than just trying to sell stuff! And I could focus on shopping whilst my little girl made the most of the toys on offer! Thanks, we'll be back!

Fantastic little shop, Chaz is soo helpful and approachable, I'd recommend it to anyone 

Fantastic shop with a fantastic owner. Was really helpful in finding clothes for my son for the summer. Highly recommend

highly recommend Loving By Nature for helping us get started with reusable nappies. Brilliant advice, friendly service and a lovely little gem of a shop in Dorchester that’s well worth a visit if you have a tiny person!

Exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, with a lovely selection of products.

Lovely items, great selection of cloth nappies, really pleased to have a shop like this in Dorchester 


If you would like to chat nappies, either come along during opening hours or book in for a cloth nappy consultation at a time that suits you.