Newborn Nappy Hire


We currently have three newborn hire kits that are available to loan - please email to check availability and to book.

Hire fee is £45 for six weeks.


Newborn Hire Kit instructions


What’s in the box?


  • 8 x Bambino Mio prefolds
  • 5 x Baba + Boo pocket nappies
  • 6 x PeeNut Day to Night Pads
  • 8 x Close Pop in pads
  • 2 x PeeNut wraps
  • 5 x Close Pop in wraps
  • 3 x Bambino Mio Miosoft wraps
  • 1 x Tots Bots Teenyfit
  • 1 x wet bag
  • 1 x nappi nippa


The hire kit is not brand new but will be in a good, clean and hygienic condition, washed and checked by me before coming to you.  If there is anything in the kit that you feel is not of a good standard, or that deteriorates significantly whilst in your possession, please notify me immediately.  I cannot guarantee any specific prints or colours.


The kit does include one wet bag but you may find you need more. There are no reusable wipes included in the kit so you may want to buy or make your own.  You may want to use fleece liners to protect the nappies from barrier creams and help your babies bum feel dry – these aren’t included in the kit but you can buy them or make your own.  There are a variety of nappies to try, this is to give you a taster of different styles of nappy, some will fit better right from birth and others may take a bit of growing into.  You will like certain styles more than others and that is OK! Hopefully there is something in there that you will get on well with. 


Please feel free to pop in and see me, or email me at any point during your hire if you need any help with the nappies.


Instructions for use:


  • Change your baby anything from every 2 – 4 hours, or as soon as they poo.
  • Overnight, while your baby is still waking for feeds, they will probably want changing too (always when they have done a poo)
  • You may want to use a natural barrier cream such as coconut oil or Filberts baby balm (always patch test first).
  • Use only natural barrier creams if you can, and use a fleece liner to protect nappies when using creams, especially if using a prescription cream such as yellow metanium. Please do not use Sudocrem, yellow metanium or other synthetic creams without a fleece liner.
  • When changing your baby, always clean the whole bottom well, and be sure to wash your hands afterwards.
  • Once soiled, put used nappies in the wet bag and store until wash day
  • Make sure you have folded back the Velcro tabs so that they don’t snag on each other or collect lint.
  • Try not to leave it more that two days between washes, as this will prevent damage to the nappies / build up of bacteria.
  • Before your baby is weaned, everything can go in the washing machine, poo and all – no need to flush anything. You may find with formula/combination fed babies that you need to flush a little of the poo as it is slightly more lumpy.
  • Pocket nappies should have the boosters pulled out after use, before washing.
  • Both all in one, and pocket nappies, need to be washed after every nappy change.
  • If the nappy is a two-part nappy, you can re-use the wrap and just change the absorbent part for a few changes, but always change the wrap if it is soiled with poo or saturated with wee. If not, it can be wiped down and used again. Always change the wrap after 3 uses or after a whole night of wear.
  • When you put a wrap over a nappy, make sure all of the nappy is tucked in so no wetness can escape




  • A Nappi Nippa is included to fasten prefolds.
  • Fleece liners will help keep your baby’s bottom dry and protect nappies from stains and barrier creams – these are not included in the kit but you can buy them in store or make your own.
  • Reusable wipes will save you lots of money, are better for the environment and your baby! They are not included in the kit but they are available to buy, or you can make your own. You will use them for years – long after potty training. Just soak them in water, keep them in a container and throw them in the wash with your nappies.  Use a small wet bag to take them out and about with you.
  • You have one wet bag in your kit but you might want to buy more for future use and for rotating in the wash.


Washing instructions:


  • Try not to over or under fill your machine; half to three quarters full is fine. If you are struggling to fill the drum, you can pop other washing in after the first rinse, such as baby clothes, muslins, or other small items.
  • On wash day, put nappies on a prewash cycle – a full, separate rinse and spin or a separate quick wash with or without detergent (up to you) and follow with a full wash (this allows for dirty water to be drained away fully before the main wash cycle starts)
  • Wash at 60 degrees (washing at 60 is advised while your baby builds their immune system until he/she gets to be over three months old)
  • 800 spin is fine – any more and you may contribute to wear and tear on the nappies.
  • Use any non-bio powderfor washing (apart from Ecover)
  • Do not use any optical brighteners or harsh cleaning products (Vanish, Napisan, bicarbinate of soda, bleach etc.)
  • Do not use fabric conditioner
  • Eco eggs are not recommended as they do not effectively kill bacteria
  • Do not wash above 60 degrees
  • Nappies do not need to be soaked prior to washing - you may want to rinse off any poo to help prevent staining / smells but if your baby is exclusively breastfed this is not necessary.
  • Please do not worry about stains. These are quite common and are easily removed once they are returned to me. Please do not be tempted to bleach or otherwise harshly treat the nappies to remove stains.
  • Do a maintenance wash once a month – every six weeks on your washing machine – an empty wash at 90 degrees with bicarbonate of soda (optional) to clean the drum and a wipe around of the door, seals and tray. (You should do this whether you use cloth nappies or not!)




  • The best thing is to dry outside on the line, but indoors on an airer is also fine
  • Do not place the nappies (especially not the wraps) directly on a radiator or stove as this will damage them.
  • Nappies can be tumble dried on cool but this will contribute to wear and tear
  • Remove any waterproof wraps before tumble-drying.


Terms and Conditions


  • You are responsible for keeping the nappies hygienically clean when in your care and returning them washed and dried.
  • Soiled nappies should not be left longer than two days.
  • The hire fee is non refundable apart from in exceptional circumstances. Please contact me directly if you have any concerns and / or need to return the kit early.
  • If the kit is returned late, a charge of £5 per day will be deducted from your deposit until the kit is returned (unless otherwise arranged and agreed with me).
  • Any missing or damaged items will be deducted from the deposit at their full retail value.
  • Any items returned unwashed will be charged at £3 per item from your deposit.
  • Your deposit will be returned either as a PayPal, BACs transfer, or as store credit. Cash returns are not permitted.
  • You are responsible for the safety of your child when they are wearing or using the nappy kit.
  • Nappies are inspected for faults between hiring but please notify me immediately if you notice any damage upon receipt of the kit.
  • These nappies are not toys and should only be used as directed.


If you have any questions please get in touch! I will always do my best to help.





Your feedback on what you think worked and what didn’t would be amazing, and will help me to improve my service.