bare & boho cloth nappies uk

Welcome Bare & Boho to Loving by Nature!


Beautiful Bare & Boho nappies are here at Loving by Nature and I must admit I am in love.  I just cannot wait to be able to put these on a little baby of my own one day!


The designs are so different to everything else I have seen, so if you lean more towards an arty looking cloth bum, perhaps a little more muted in colour palette (although many of them are bold too!) then these might be just the nappy for you.

 bare & boho cloth nappies uk

I love the fact that they are all-in-twos, so the shell comes away from the soaker and booster inside.  The nappy shell itself is robust and looks like it will last a good few years (or a number of children), and the soaker and booster combo fastens well and looks secure and snug inside the shell too.

bare & boho cloth nappies uk 

Available with either a hemp or bamboo soaker, it is great that you can get that added boost of absorbency from hemp without changing the shape of the nappy at all.  There is also a tri-fold available that can fold around the soaker to make these nappies last all night. 


Whilst these may seem like an expensive option, the hemp complete set only comes in about £3 more than a full PeeNut so its not extortionate in my opinion.  The bonus being the fitted gusset of the soaker, which I think will give added protection against leaks where perhaps the PeeNut may fall down a little by comparison.  They also have the added benefit of the double leg gusset – and who doesn’t love a double leg gusset these days?!


The bamboo set only comes in at around £1 more than a PeeNut, so all in all I would say that whilst this is a little pricier than other nappies on the market, it still represents good value for money.  Of course the intention is that further soakers and boosters are bought to make the shells last for more changes – these come in at £7.95 for bamboo and £8.95 for hemp so again a similar price point to the PeeNut although the costs will mount if you want the booster as well – whereas with the PeeNut the two pack is part of the price.


Bare & Boho have obviously put a lot of care into the design of their nappies and it is such a privilege to have them in store alongside our much loved British brands. 


As you can tell – I don’t have a baby of my own in nappies to test these out for real on and I really pride myself on giving first hand accounts of my products!  So - I would love it if someone out there would write me a review from the perspective of a real Bare & Boho user – if you have been using Bare & Boho, and are willing to write up your experiences for me, please could you contact me on charlotte@lbndorset.comand let me know? To whoever is willing, I will send out a free Bare & Boho nappy to you to say thank you for your words!


*I have used the PeeNut for comparison as it is my best selling two part nappy, and I think represents fantastic value for money across the whole of the nappy market. 


bare & boho logo cloth nappies uk 


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