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Ten Reasons to Use Cloth Nappies

It is the start of Reusable Nappy Week 2023 and to kick it off I am going to give you ten good reasons to switch to cloth today!


  1. They are better for the environment


It is now proven beyond reasonable doubt by the new DEFRA report into reusable nappies, that cloth nappies are much better for the environment than single-use nappies.  They produce 25% less CO2 and the environmental impact of production is over 90% lower for a reusable nappy than it is for single-use. Even when you factor in washing and drying, it is still a better choice for our beautiful planet every time you put a wash your nappies instead of throwing them in the bin.


  1. They are cheaper


Whilst it is true that the amount of savings you can make will vary depending on which reusable nappy you buy vs. which single use nappy you would have chosen, it is fair to say that the savings can be huge when you choose to reuse. Most families will save around £600 by choosing cloth nappies and those savings only increase if you go on to use the same nappies on multiple children. 


  1. Supporting small businesses


Whilst reusable nappies are growing in popularity, they are still a fairly niche product, and as such the market is predominated by small, usually female led businesses.  Some of our favourites are Baba & Boo, Fiyyah and Pim Pam, all run by brilliant and talented women and all doing good in our world.   It feels good to be supporting value-led businesses that have been created with the ideals of planet and people over pounds, as opposed to huge conglomerates that will do anything to conserve their phenomenal profits.


  1. They are pretty!


OK, so whilst we are here, I have to mention that cloth nappies are just that much easier on the eye than their single use counterparts. I know it may seem superficial but after the thousandth nappy change of your lifetime, you’ll be grateful for small mercies, and one of them can sure be the nice aesthetic of your babies’ poo catcher.  So many elements of parenting can be stressful and monotonous but choosing a pretty print to line your nursery shelves or match an outfit just brings a little more joy into our day, and I think that is something worth celebrating.


  1. Finding your people


How many cloth nappy users out there have spotted a reusable out in the wild and struck up a conversation with a fellow kindred spirit as a result? Or joined a Facebook page and found a group of likeminded caregivers, willing to lend an ear to your troubles and cheer you up with some in jokes?  The cloth community is one to be rivalled, a nurturing space that has fostered some real-life, long-term friendships over the years which is something to be truly proud of.


  1. Never running out!


One of the best things for me about reusable nappies is never running out! Never having to queue in Boots for a packet of nappies at midnight because little one has a bug and has burned through a whole pack of Naty’s in less than an hour.  No more wincing as you pass your card over to pay for another pack of wipes after the last packet dried up in the car on a hot day.  No more feeling confused about which size, which brand and what price is best on your weekly shop.  I just love the freedom of knowing that in a pinch, I can make a nappy out of just about anything and I love the feeling of empowerment that it gives me to know I am in a tiny way, making myself independent of the constant consumer machine that is the current state of society.


  1. Wet Bags


Until cloth nappies came into my life I had never heard of these magical little sacks.  Chuck anything in a wet bag, from sandwiches to wellies, dirty nappies to fancy tea bags, these little bags of awesomeness are a life hack in PUL form.  I have seen so many uses for them the limit really is your own imagination!


  1. Reusable wipes


Of course, I can’t not mention reusable wipes (or flannels, as granny would have called them).  I honestly cannot imagine using disposable wipes now, they are just so bad at their job, the mind boggles as to just how they have become so popular (millions of pounds spent in marketing might have something to do with it).  This is not to put a downer on anyone who uses them – but if you haven’t had your eye turned by reusable wipes yet – let this be your sign!  They are bigger, clean better, and can do in one wipe what would take at least three if not ten of the little disposable ones.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


  1. No more ‘poo-splosions’


That’s right, no more picking poo out of babies’ neck hair after the almighty turd tides that seem to propel poop with a legendary force that defies gravity.  Reusable nappies have a nifty bit of elastic along the waistband that keeps poo where it belongs, and those whole back poonami’s are a thing of distant memory.  Hurrah! I can hear the champagne glasses clinking from here


  1. Mindful moments


Yeah, this one might sound like a bit of a stretch, but honestly, I would be doing a disservice to my reusable nappy experience if I didn’t put it in here.  I make no secret of the fact I am not a fan of the high paced lifestyles we seem to all have to adopt these days, always rushing to the next thing, and the next (I am also guilty of this!).  So I really do appreciate the ways that using cloth nappies has helped me to slow down, whether it be folding a Terry square after bath time for my eldest, or hanging out nappies in the sun on a summers’ day.  Even taking reusable nappies camping and having to wash them in a bucket by the tent! There have for sure been small moments when I have felt that this choice was as much about making a conscious decision to slow down as it was about any of the things I have mentioned above.  Of course, not all moments are ones I will savour but it’s definitely something I will enjoy looking back upon, when my two have flown the nest and I’m all glassy eyed and nostalgic for this time of life…



So tell me, have I missed anything off?  What are your reasons to switch and don’t worry – I will provide some balance with the other side of the coin this week!


Thanks for reading,

Charlotte x


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