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Reusable Nappy Starter Packs - Council Scheme

I am really happy to be providing a great value starter pack to residents of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and Dorset Councils.  All you need to do is apply for your voucher via the following schemes:

For BCP:

For Dorset Council:

Once you have your voucher please send it over to me before purchasing your pack.  Bournemouth will redeem the full cost of the pack and Dorset will give you £30 towards it, which leaves £20 for you to pay.  The whole pack should retail at £73 so it is a huge saving for the resident and the council too.  Ultimately the aim is to give lots of residents a good start in reusable nappies and the packs have been put together with this in mind, providing four easy to use and reliable nappies.

The product listing can be found here:

Here you will find a little run through of what is in the pack and how to get started.



In your pack

  • 2 x Baba + Boo pocket nappies
  • 1 x Close Pop in
  • 1 x Little Lamb Bamboo fitted nappy
  • 1 x Little Lamb wrap


Getting started

The first thing to do is pop your nappies in the wash, as prewashing will build their absorbency.  The absorbency will continue to grow with each wash, so bear this in mind when you are using them for the first time.

The main rule with washing is not to use any fabric conditioner.  Most nappies prefer non-bio as bio will degrade fabrics faster, but it’s up to you (be mindful that manufacturer warrantees can be voided by using bio powder). 

Powder is generally better than liquid for cleaning. 

baba and boo pocket nappy

The ‘boosters’ for the Baba + Boo pocket nappies go inside the pocket at the back of the nappy.  The whole nappy has to be changed at every nappy change.   If you can, pull the boosters halfway out when you take the nappy off, this will help them clean better in the machine.

close pop in nappy

The Close Pop in has boosters that can be taken out of the wrap entirely.  This is to speed up drying times.  The whole nappy should still be changed with every nappy change – however some people do just change the boosters if the cover isn’t wet.  You don’t need to take these off before washing unless you want to reuse the wrap.

little lamb bamboo nappy + little lamb wrap = little lamb bamboo nappy inside wrap

The Little Lamb bamboo nappy is best used underneath the Little Lamb wrap.  You might find this is a good option for nights.  It may need an additional booster but for many babies it will last all night as it is.  Again, in the morning you will need to put both the nappy and the wrap in the wet bag or bucket – you cannot reuse the wrap after a whole night.  If you are using the nappy during the day, you can reuse the wrap for a couple of changes (just changing the absorbent nappy inside), until it is saturated or soiled.

You may want to make some fleece liners from an old fleece blanket, just cut it to size and lay it in the nappy between your babies’ bum and the nappy.  This will help your baby to feel dry for longer and will help catch any poo, protecting the nappy from stains.

If your baby is not yet on solid foods, the nappies can go straight in the wash, with poo as well.  Put them on a rinse and spin or a quick wash cycle, where the machine turns off at the end, to remove the worst of the soiling.  Then use a long cotton wash cycle, with your usual powder to get them fully clean.  You want there to be no suds left at the end of the wash, that’s how you know you have used the right amount of powder.  You can put in additional items into the wash, like muslins, towels and dirty clothes if you need to bulk it out.  Leave some space for agitation.

If your baby is on solid foods, you will need to scrape or rinse solids into the toilet before putting the nappies in the machine.  You can use a bucket to swirl them around in or spray the shower over them into the bucket and dispose of the water down the toilet.  You could also use toilet paper or an old utensil to scrape the poo into the toilet.  Whatever works for you is fine! The nappies don’t have to be sparkly clean before going in the wash, just do the best you can.  The machine will do the rest.

Do not leave your nappies to soak, this will damage the fabrics.  Do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals on your nappies.  If you are left with stains, hang them outside, or by a window, and let the sun bleach them.  It doesn’t have to be a sunny day.

The poppers on the front of the Baba + Boo and Close Pop in nappies are called ‘rise poppers’.  Use these to adjust the size to suit your baby.  A looser fit is generally better for containing leaks, just make sure the fabric sits gently around the legs without big gaps.  If the nappy is too tight, it will squeeze moisture back out and make leaks more likely.

Remember to do a maintenance wash on your machine every six weeks.  Run the machine at 90 degrees either empty or with some soda crystals or bicarbonate of soda.  Clean the filter, wipe the drum, door and drawer.  This keeps your machine clean and your washing fresh.

Nappies can be washed at 40 – 60 degrees, wash at 60 if you are treating thrush, if you are sharing nappies, or if your baby has a sickness bug / after an active vaccine.

Air or line dry as much as possible.  Tumble dry on a low setting if absolutely necessary and remove any waterproof wraps before doing so.

Have fun, enjoy your baby and remember I am here at if you need any help or advice.

I would love to know how you are getting on, so tag me in @loving_by_nature_ on instagram to show me your progress!


Thank you so much for your support of this scheme - we are making cloth mainstream together! 



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