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GroVia AIO User Review

A little while ago I gifted Katy @littlegreenclees a GroVia all-in-one to try as I know how much she loves trying new nappies!  Read below for her opinion on the GroVia nappy and to find out how she got on.


by Katy Clee



I’m always on the hunt for good, long-lasting organic nappies, so when I saw that GroVia had an all-in-one to try, we decided to give it a go. On first impressions, the outside of the nappy is very soft. It comes in a great range of coordinating colours and prints, which are all exclusively designed by the GroVia team. The inside is 10 layers of lovely soft GOTS certified organic cotton, with eight layers in total in the insert and two sewn into the shell itself. The booster lies on the top and is a snap-in, fold-out style with two parts. One is sewn into the nappy at one end, the other poppers on so you can add or remove as necessary. This also makes it pretty quick drying for an all in one, and the whole thing can even be tumble dried in winter, should you wish to do so.

The exterior is made from a lovely silky TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which gives it a great stretch and has a really slim fit, both under clothes and through the gusset. In fact, it looked quite unusual when we are used to a big cloth nappy booty! GroVia call it the ‘best baby jeans diaper’ because it is such a trim nappy. It definitely resembles the closer fit of a disposable

If you’re worried that this thinness will affect absorbency, then be assured; with only two prewashes, it lasted 3 hours on first use, and has been fine through nap times as well on later tries. My daughter is a moderately heavy wetter, but the design also means that it would be fine to boost if needed as well, for example with a Little Lamb insert. Bear in mind than the width of the gusset would require something fairly slim or shaped to fit without compromising.

Organic cotton is lovely and absorbent, and gets more so with each wash. I would say it does need prepping quite well to reach maximum absorbency. The recommendation from GroVia is to hot wash 5-6 times before use. My usual practice is to cold soak any natural fibres overnight and then wash twice at 60℃ with towels or nappies, but this nappy definitely needed a few more to reach it’s full potential

The unique stretchy tabs and appropriately placed side snaps also give the GroVia AIO another advantage - you can use it like a pull-up! There’s enough give in the fabric and strength in the fastenings to allow you to pull over relatively chubby thighs for quick changes on toddlers who are desperate to just get on with playing. It also gives it a really good height, which is excellent for tall babies.

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