cherry blossom simple tips for self care

Five free and simple tips for self-care

In this increasingly busy world, I wanted to share some ideas for replenishing your soul, easy things that I think most people can manage without too much difficulty, and don’t cost a penny.  I don’t like the term ‘self-care’ in general, as I feel like it places even more on our plates! However, there are some things I think fit the bill and aren’t too hard to achieve.


  1. Spend some time outdoors in nature. It has been found that if we take our exercise outdoors in nature it is much more beneficial to our health and wellbeing.  The same ten minutes of exercise is better for us, if taken outside in the fresh air. I don’t have much time for exercise, but I find my day is vastly improved if I can manage even a short walk outside, and I would urge you, if you are feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, to get outside, take a walk and a breath, and fill your soul up with some lovely fresh air and the sound of birdsong.


  1. Listen to your favourite music. Music is an absolute tonic.  From reminding us of good times, to allowing ourselves a good old cry, whack on those tunes, turn it up loud and let the feelings wash over you the way that you need.  If you’ve got young children, get them involved! I always missed listening to my music nice and loud, but if a song comes on the radio and I want to turn it up over breakfast or in the car, I just do! We all have a sing and a dance and everyone (almost always) ends up smiling!


  1. See some friends. In our hectic lives, it can be hard to carve out time for our friends, somehow it feels selfish, or like we can’t do something that doesn’t revolve around other people (that’s a whole other issue).  But even a ten-minute walk with a friend, a good belly laugh, a hug, all of these will fill you up ready for any challenge life can throw at you. Which leads me on nicely to…


  1. Give and receive a lovely hug. There is not much more grounding and lovely than a nice squeeze from someone you love – consenting of course! Whether it is a family member, a friend, or even a pet, a cuddle does so much for our wellbeing and can ground and centre you again. Remember, touch is another one of our senses and it needs to be fulfilled just the same as any other.   And finally…


  1. Go barefoot. Yes, wherever you are, kick off those shoes and step outside, dip your toes in the water, walk on the soft grass, feel the sand or the gravel beneath your feet.  A few minutes walking barefoot, or even just standing in the garden, really centres you and connects us back to the earth in a way that we often forget these days.  Try it!

I hope you can find something there that helps, yes they are simple things but sometimes a little reminder helps for those simple things that nourish your soul.  Let me know if this helps you! I would love to hear 💛

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