The Big Rainforest Poster

The Big Rainforest Poster

Ink and Tot
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A stunning work of art from Hannah, AKA Ink and Tot.

Welcome to the rainforest, home to so many wonderful birds, beasts and bugs! Digitally drawn with lots of love, this image is bursting with colour and will keep little people (and the not so little) occupied for at least one hot drinks worth of time, spotting the many different animals, insects and birds hidden amongst the trees.

Here are some facts and questions about the print that could provide some fun!

Rainforests are made up of different layers-the emergent layer, the canopy, the understorey and the forest floor..

Mammals that make the rainforest their home- jaguar, capybara, giant anteater, woolly monkey, spider monkey, squirrel monkey, red howler monkeys, sloth, lion headed tamarin- can you spot them all in the art poster?

How many birds can you count in the poster? You’ll see macaws, red ibis, toucans and many more.

There are two tree frogs hiding in the picture, can you find them both? What about snakes?

Even fungus is brightly coloured in the rainforest, can you find the different colours growing on some of the trees?

Giclee printed on matte, smooth, white 240gsm art paper, chosen to show off the colour and tropical details at their absolute best. Available in A3 and A2, because this print is made to be seen BIG! 



Available in A3 and A2 size, these will come either direct from the artist or her print studio.  The price is for an unframed print.  Please allow seven days turnaround plus delivery.

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