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Filberts of Dorset

Propolis Salve with Honey

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Propolis has been used for centuries by herbalists the world over and is known for its healthy properties. We’ve combined propolis with vitamin E, honey, sunflower and hemp oils for a salve to treat minor cuts, grazes and broken skin.  Propolis comes from tree resins and is used by bees to protect their hives from infection.  PS: it’s alcohol free, as we infuse our propolis in oil.  Think of it as a spot of bee magic!

HOW TO USE: Customers tell us how helpful our Propolis Salve is with eczema.  It keeps skin hydrated and soothes areas of dry, sore skin. Parents have used it successfully to ease eczema in young children. Just use the salve on a small patch of skin first, to test for any reaction if your skin tends to be sensitive. Apply a little to the skin, let it warm a little and gently rub in like an ointment.

INGREDIENTS Sunflower oil, beeswax, rapeseed oil, hemp oil, honey, vitamin E and propolis.

24g tin

Filberts' story:

Handmade in batches from 100 to 1000 units in our production premises in Dorset, our products offer an alternative to the trend for branded goods made by outsourced contractors. We make from scratch, starting by gently heating and filtering blocks of beeswax as they come in from the field. We use low production temperatures to retain the inherent qualities of ingredients. Our work is open to regular inspection by Environmental Health and Trading Standards. Quality control includes full traceability of ingredients and approved product safety testing. We follow laid-down procedures with almost zero waste. 


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