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Lana Bambini

Children's Pure Wool Socks | Tobacco

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100% pure wool

Rustic chunky children's socks in pure chemically un-treated wool. Simple, cosy and warm. 

Ideally they should be hand washed or machine washed on a delicate cycle at 30deg with a gentle wool detergent.


About Lana Bambini

We are passionate about making quality, long-lasting, clothing and make it in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.

Natural Socks 

We started with the finest socks, handcrafted in а small family-run atelier in the Lombardy region of Northern ltaly. The best natural materials and artisanal handmade quality combine to create а collection of the warmest and cosiest socks available.

We use only natural materials including alpaca wool, organic cotton, biological hemp and natural linen. Not to use any synthetic components was a choice and we believe that it is better for your health and for the environment. We rather would wear socks that are comfortable, breathable, anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial, naturally flame resistant and suitable for everyone than sacrifice those qualities for making products that are cheaper to produce.

That's why we are paying close attention to the quality of the raw materials used, low harmfulness of the dyes and the limitation and recyclability of packaging, minimising waste.


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