Bamboo Mix Boosters
Bamboo Mix Boosters

Bamboo Mix Boosters

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A stalwart of the booster world, one to use again and again.  Bamboo is super absorbent, and these don't take too long to dry.  These come as standard with your Baba + Boo nappies, but it can be handy to have some spares around.  

Baba + Boo say it best themselves:

When you buy a Baba + Boo one size or newborn nappy, you will automatically get two of these inserts included. You can also buy them separately, as extra boosters for night time use and heavy wetters.

These bamboo boosters are made with 2 outer layers of bamboo and 2 inner layers of microfibre. Slim fitting and super absorbent, they are supplied as a pack of two. We use bamboo as our ‘go to’ insert because they provide an ideal mix of size and absorbency, they’re quick to dry and kind to the planet. 

Supplied in a pack of 2.

Made from two layers of bamboo and two layers of microfibre.

Inserts for one size nappies are 36 x 14cm.

Newborn inserts are the same width but slightly shorter.

Before using your inserts, it is always a good idea to give them a couple of pre-washes, this really helps with absorbency. Otherwise, the wetness can just run off the fabric and will find the weakest part of the nappy, which is usually around the leg. 

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