Brand Ambassador Programme

  • What does a brand ambassador do?


As a brand ambassador for Loving by Nature you will receive a discount code for any purchases you would like to make, however there is no obligation to buy anything from the shop.  Your discount code cannot be used against items that are already in the sale, sale or return items or Cheeky Wipes.

In return for your discount code I ask that you share photos of your purchases (following guidelines from the ASA and CMA, which can be found here) to social media to help spread the word about the shop.

I will not dictate to you when you should post, what you should say, or what your content should be. It is all up to you and what you feel happy about doing.


  • What do we represent?


Loving by Nature is a small, bricks and mortar shop in Dorchester, Dorset, which exists to support parents in the transition to cloth nappies.  I also stock a range of organic clothing and wooden toys, alongside a selection of items made by local people.  I strive to be a responsible retailer and am always looking for ways to improve sustainability across the business.  I aim to be a friendly face in the community and for the shop to be somewhere that new parents can feel safe and welcome, whatever their choices.

You will not have any rights to, or responsibility over how the shop is run, or any of the stock. I will do my best to source items you may want but you must respect that I am a very small business and I don’t have the resources that some larger companies do.  

Any bullying or otherwise rude behaviour online that I become aware of will result in immediate removal from the programme and disassociation with the brand.  You must not promote negative or antisocial behaviours.

I reserve the right to discontinue the programme at any stage and remove discount codes from use. 

The programme will last three months from the date of enrolment at which point a new set of ambassadors will be recruited.  You are welcome to apply as many times as you like, there is no limit on the amount of times you can be enrolled as an ambassador.

Thank you so much for your interest and support of my little business! It honestly means the absolute world to me.