Brand Ambassador Programme

  • What does a brand ambassador do?


The brand ambassador role for Loving by Nature will involve helping me to raise the public profile of the shop both online and in real life.  Our brand ambassadors will share our ethos and be willing to engage with and support the brand both through social media and if local, by engaging with events, visiting the shop in person and spreading the word amongst friends. 


So far, the shop has been fully run and represented by a single person (me!).  It is time now to call in the support of a friendly and enthusiastic team of helpers that can help me get word out about my little business.  The brand ambassadors that are chosen will share a love of reusable nappies, and appreciate the value in quality when buying new clothes and toys.


You must be confident in taking bright, good quality photographs and with engaging online regularly in a positive way about Loving by Nature and our products.


I will expect a minimum of one post per week on social media, promoting products or services, and a fair level of engagement with my own posts.  You must be happy for me to share your posts with my followers or add them to my website.  If there is anything you don’t want me to share, please let me know as soon as you can to avoid any misunderstandings.  If you would be willing to write blog posts, product reviews or producing other content that would also be very useful.  Attendance in person at the shop is by no means essential or expected but you would always be welcome if you did want to pay a visit!


You must make at least one purchase from the shop – you will receive a discount code.


Your discount code cannot be used against items that are already in the sale.


Please also add @lbndorset to your instagram bio.


  • What do we represent?


Loving by Nature is a small, bricks and mortar shop in Dorchester, Dorset, which exists to support parents in the transition to cloth nappies.  I also stock a range of organic clothing and wooden toys, alongside a selection of items made by local people.  I strive to be a responsible retailer and am always looking for ways to improve sustainability across the business.  I aim to be a friendly face in the community and for the shop to be somewhere that new parents can feel safe and welcome, whatever their choices.


  • What does a brand ambassador get in return?


In return for your help, you will receive a special discount code that will give you 20% off site wide (not for use in conjunction with other sales), and a 10% code for your friends and family.  You will have the inside track on whats coming in the shop and the opportunity to pre-order or reserve items before they come in.


You get to be a part of the growth of a very small business that aims to be a responsible and useful part of the community both locally and nationally.


  • What are the deal-breakers?


You will not have any rights to, or responsibility over how the shop is run, or any of the stock. I will do my best to source items you may want but you must respect that I am a very small business and I don’t have the resources that some larger companies do.  You must not post any defamatory content about the shop or any of our suppliers.  Of course if you don’t like a product, that’s fine, please give an honest evaluation, but if you have any concerns over quality or efficacy of a product please raise it with me first so that I have an opportunity to review its position in the shop portfolio.  Honest reviews are vitally important, but it is also important that product/brand reputation isn’t destroyed by either a personal opinion, or a one-off fault.


Continued lack of engagement or effort will result in the ambassador position being revoked. I do however, understand that life with little ones is busy and we need time away from our phones, so I don’t expect you to be online 24/7.  A regular post once a week is enough to keep momentum, alongside consistent support across my channels, but if you can do more that that, then great.


Involvement or representation with other similar retailers can cause confusion and is not desirable.


Any bullying or otherwise rude behaviour online that I become aware of will result in immediate removal from the programme and disassociation with the brand.  You must not promote negative or antisocial behaviours.


I reserve the right to discontinue the programme at any stage and remove discount codes from use. 


The programme will last three months from the date of enrolment at which point a new set of ambassadors will be recruited.  You are welcome to apply as many times as you like, there is no limit on the amount of times you can be enrolled as an ambassador.