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Coming soon to Loving by Nature I am pleased to announce…



I am still very much in the planning stages but I hope to offer two options of box, a deluxe and a budget box.  There will be an option to pre order three months at a reduced rate and of course you will be able to cancel your monthly subscription at any time.


Why on earth would you want a nappy subscription box?


Subscription boxes are kind of all the rage at the moment and after somebody suggested it to me on a Facebook forum (thank you to the members of Annie Ridout’s group!) I thought what a fantastic idea this could be.  Whether you are buying a gift for a friend or colleague who is expecting, or if you are well established in cloth nappies and just want a lucky dip, it’s a chance to try something new and different or to build up your stash, with a lovely surprise every month.


What can we expect in the box?


Inside will be trusted brands that you can rely on and that will bring a little smile to your face! All the brands featured here on Lovign by Nature will get a look in, so that’s Bare & Boho, Little Lamb (coming soon), Bumgenius, Disana, Bright Bots, Baba + Boo, Bambino Mio, Tots Bots and Tickle Tots.


The boxes will mainly feature all-in-ones and pocket nappies but I will be throwing in the occasional curve ball to get you thinking about different nappy possibilities! The point is to go a little bit out of your comfort zone whilst still being safe in the knowledge that I wont send you anything rubbish.


I will need to know your babies’ ages on sign up for some of the options.


What would you be expected to pay?


The boxes will be set up at two reasonable and affordable price points, of £25 and £35 respectively.  The first would contain usually one nappy and one or two accessories, and the second would contain two or more nappies and / or more accessories.  The price would include postage and across a full twelve-month subscription there would be a saving on RRP.


I am also working on a newborn box that would be set around the £15-£20 mark which I would be good to sign up to around 20 weeks pregnant if you want to build up a small newborn nappy stash before your baby arrives.


Will we know what is in each box?


On surveying a group of my customers, it seems many are happy with a little surprise, as long there is an idea of what to expect.  So with this in mind I will post a few photos of some example boxes but things like prints and contents of every box will be a surprise.  So if you like control in every element of your life then perhaps this isn’t going to be your bag!  But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out, if you like the idea of the boxes then there will be some set boxes that you could purchase as gifts or one off’s.


How will it work?


Your direct debit will be collected on the 1stof the month and the boxes will ship on the 10thof the month.  If you sign up before the 10th, you will receive your box that month. If you sign up after the 10th, you will receive your box the following month and your subsequent direct debit will be collected the month after.


E.g. Sign up on 2ndOctober, box will ship on the 10thOctober.  Sign up on the 12thOctober, box will ship on 10thNovember and your subsequent direct debit will be taken on the 1stDecember.



What if we don’t like it?


I will be working very hard to make sure every box is fabulous but if you don’t like it that’s absolutely fine - you will be able to return a box as long as everything is unopened and unused condition within 21 days of receipt.  If you don’t like the boxes and you want to quit the subscription altogether, you will be able to cancel the subscription 5 days before your direct debit is due to be collected. 


Once your direct debit has been taken you cannot stop the shipment but will have to return the box to me once it has been received.  Regretfully I cannot fund returns.


E.g. If you cancel on the 25thSeptember, your direct debit for October will not be taken.   If you cancel on the 30thSeptember, your direct debit for October will be taken and your box will ship on the 10thOctober as planned.  Your direct debit will not be taken in November.


There is still lots to do including photography, marketing and actually building the product page on the website - but as this little company is only me, this is the first of its kind in the UK, and basically you guys out there are my business partners, I wanted to let you all know what I have planned so that you can either get behind me or tell me I'm mad at the soonest opportunity! 


If you have read this far I commend you! The boxes will be released in a limited number to begin with so I would love to hear from you if you are interested in signing up.  I have a few things to iron out but hope to launch very soon! Thank you for bearing with me!


I think this is a lovely idea, especially the pregnancy one as it’s a manageable way to built a collection.


interested in nappy boxes for my 1 year old! please let me know when it starts!

Chelsea Tun Pe

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